Stiky's Story

Hi, I’m Stiky. If you couldn’t tell already, I'm kind of a big deal, loved, respected, smart, funny and charming. Appealing to all ages and cultures, my iconic smirk, dimple, wind-blown hair, and sunglasses align perfectly with my cool and mysterious persona that gives me the title of “THE MOST INTERESTING STICK FIGURE IN THE WORLD”. 

One of my first creative outlets has been developing one-of-a-kind interactive and interchangeable apparel and accessories that are not only fun to play with but also considered to be exclusive high fashion. To put it simply, most of the products are "sticky", incorporating soft and durable Velcro that allows you to mix, match and swap custom patches to coincide with any mood or event. My goal is to originate unique and appealing designs that foster a nostalgic feel mixed with a forward-thinking ideology.

Stiky Patches