Frequently Asked Questions

Stiky Brand originated in 2020 during the pandemic by accident. One cold day, my 8-year-old daughter asked for a beanie hat so she could go outside and play. After I gave it to her, she immediately ran to her room and came out with one of her hair bows attached to the hat. A light bulb went off in my head. I asked my wife and other children what they thought about creating a hat that you could stick "things". Even though they know I'm a little crazy, they still entertained the idea. The conversation at the dinner table that night was all about the different options we could come up with to attach to hats and other clothing. It started with bows and clips and eventually ended with Velcro and patches. The final idea was so simple that we all thought it just might work. At that moment, Stiky was born, along with the triple entendre! Stiky is the character's name, he is a stick-figure and all of our products are "Sticky", utilizing velcro and patches. We went to work drawing up a face for Stiky as well as multiple designs that may work for the clothing line and custom patches. The sunglasses were a must and our first idea we all agreed upon that would give Stiky the cool and mysterious vibe we were seeking. Another happy accident occurred when I asked my son to try and draw Stiky's mouth. Not only did he draw it the wrong way but the pencil also slipped and made a mark next to the mouth that resembled a dimple. When I saw it, my jaw dropped and I said "That's perfect". Stiky was supposed to be the most interesting stick figure in the world, so the smirk and dimple just worked. Next, we worked on the hair. Being a bald man that has children with beautiful heads of hair, my famous quote has always been, "It's all about the hair". After a month or so brainstorming different options, we settled on the final draft. Stiky has a full lush head of hair that is waving in the wind and matches the style of the sunglasses, smirk and dimple better than we could've hoped. Since then, Stiky has become part of the family. We talk and joke about him all the time and love his energy and possibilities. Our goal is for Stiky to help bring a smile to all of our customers' faces and that they have as much fun playing with Stiky as we did creating him.